Voltan 12V 8.2AH UPS Battery

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Key Features

  • Brand: Voltan
  • Capacity: 8.2AH
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Internal Resistance: Approx. 28mΩ
  • Warranty: 6 Months Warranty
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Capacity (25oC) 20HR(10.5V): 8.2Ah 10HR(10.5V): 6.6Ah 1HR(9.60V): 4.58Ah
Dimension Length: 152±1.5mm (5.98inch)
Width: 67±1mm (2.64inch)
Height: 99±1mm (3.90inch)
Total Height: 105±1mm (4.13inch)
Approx. Weight 2.10kg (4.63lbs)±5%
Terminal type T1
Internal resistance (Fully charged, 25oC) Approx. 28mΩ
Capacity affected by Temperature (20HR) 40oC: 102%
25oC: 100%
0oC: 85%
-15oC: 65%
Self-Discharge (25oC) 3 months: Remaining Capacity: 91%
6 months: Remaining Capacity: 82%
12 month: Remaining Capacity: 65%
Nominal Operating Temperature 25oC±3oC(77oF±5oF)
Operating Temperature Range Discharge: -15oC~50oC(5oF~122oF)
Charge: -10oC~50oC(14oF~122oF)
Storage: -20oC~50oC(-4oF~122oF)
Float Charging Voltage (25oC) 13.60 to 13.80V Temperature compensation: -18mV/oC
Cyclic Charging Voltage (25oC) 14.50 to 14.90VTemperature compensation:-30mV/oC
Maximum Charging Current 2.1A
Terminal Material Copper
Maximum Discharge Current 105A(5 sec.)
Designed Floating Life (25oC) 5 years+
Warranty 6 Month Warranty