RAPOO VPRO V600S 2.4G Wireless Vibration Game Controller

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Key Features

  • Dual touch, ergonomic design and classic button layout
  • High compatibility with common platforms
  • User-friendly buttons for easily winning games
  • Dual vibration motors for ultimate gaming experience
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty

RAPOO VPRO V600S 2.4G Wireless Vibration Game Controller

RAPOO VPRO V600S 2.4G Wireless Vibration Game Controller Features:

  • Restore the game scene, while strong, delicate, true feedback of different game scenes, immersive game plot, and scene into the sense, to a real dripping game!
  • Through the exclusive key of TUR, it can quickly switch the status of semi-automatic continuous hair/automatic continuous hair/canceled continuous hair. Avoid false triggers and make complex operations simple, easy, and fun.
  • Step by step 0-255 order analog range linear trigger, thanks to stepping LT/RT pressure sensitivity accuracy, can be pressed according to the size of the acceleration, Drifting, and braking, as if driving a real racing car with ease.
  • The 550mAh has a built-in polymer battery that delivers amazing battery life, lasts for 20-50 hours on a full charge, and supports playing while charging.No operation after 5 minutes automatically into sleep energy saving mode, energy saving only worry.
  • The four function keys adopt a wrapping key distance of only 1.2mm, which can trigger and respond quickly.