ASUS ROG AD240-00E 240W DC Notebook Adapter

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Key Features

  • It's compact enough to go anywhere but fast-charges compatible ASUS and ROG gaming laptops via standard 6PHI plug.
  • With 240W on tap, powerful gaming laptops can charge at warp speed. The long 120cm cable and support for universal 100-240V input maintain maximum flexibility.
  • Over voltage and over current protection ensure clean power delivery, while over temperature and short circuit protection provide additional layers of safety.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Brand Warranty

ASUS ROG AD240-00E 240W DC Notebook Adapter

Model AD240-00E
Category NB Device
Input AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 3.5A
Output DC 20.0V / 12.0A
Total Output 240W
DC Plug Ø6.0mm
Color Black
Weight 570.0g(w/o power cord)
Dimensions 165*76*25.4 mm
Cable Length 120cm
Power Cord Length:180cm
Package Contents Adapter*1, Power cord*1, Booklet*1
Note The power cord is included according to different countries.
Compatible Model H5600QM, H5600QR, UX582HM, UX582HS, UX582LR, W7600H3A, W7600H5A, G513IH, G513RM, G713RM, GA401QC, GA402RJ, GA402RK, GA503RM, GA503RS, GA503RW, GU603ZM, GU603ZW, FX506HC, FX506HE, FX506HM, FX516PE, FX516PM, FX706HC, FX706HE, FX706HM, G513QC, G513QE, G513QM, G713QC, G713QE, G713QM, G713QR, GA401QC, GU603HM, UX582LR, FX505DT, GA502IV, G512LI, GA401IV, GA401IU, FA706IU, FA506II, FA506IU, FA706II, FX706LI, FX506LI, FX506LH, GA502IU, FA506IH, FX506LU, GA503QS, GX551QM, GA503QR, GA503QM, G513QR, G733QS, G733QR, GA401QE, GA401QEC, GA401QM, FA506QR, FA706QM, FA506QM, FX516PR, FA706QR, GU603HR, W700G2T, W700G1T, W730G2T, W730G1T, G531GT, GA502DU, G731GT, G531GD, FX705DT, GX550LWS, GX550LXS, GA401IVC, GA401II, GX701LXS, GX701LWS, FA706IH, FA506QE, G733QSA, GL531GT, GX502LWS, GX502LXS, GX701LV, TUF505DT, TUF506HE, TUF506IH, TUF506II, TUF506IU, TUF506LU, TUF506QE, TUF516PE, TUF516PR, TUF706IU, TUF706QE, H5600QE, H5600QM, H5600QR, H7600HM, UX325UA, UX582HM, UX582HS, UX582ZM, W5600Q2A, W7600H3A, W760
Warranty 1 Year Brand Warranty